Bethany Beach Farmers' Market

Bethany Beach Farmers' Market
About Us

                      ABOUT US
The Bethany Beach Town Council responded affirmatively to a group of citizens, strongly
supported by the Delaware Department of Agriculture, which asked in the Winter of 2007
that the town approve the formation of a farmers market for Bethany. The Council's approval
urged that the market formation be driven by a citizens group and pledged full support and
assistance from town government.

The Bethany Beach Landowners Association, the Womens Civic Club of Bethany Beach, the
Bennett family of Bennett Orchards (owners of a lovely, old Bethany cottage), and many
others took on the many chores associated with the ambitious effort to open a market in
time for the 2007 Summer season.

Special thanks went to PNC Bank, to Cliff Graviet, Bethany's Town Manager, Bethany's many
real estate offices handling summer rentals, local newspapers, and a handful of public spirited
citizens who all worked together to realize the market.

We were guided by several principles and goals. First, we wanted a "Sell What You Grow"
market. We wanted mostly family growers with farms nearby. We wanted farmers who
were committed to the principles farm-to-table marketing. We wanted a market experience
that allowed maximum interaction between consumers and growers, and we wanted a
marketing experience that actually contributed materially to the economic vitality of
farming in southeastern Sussex County.

For Bethany's residents and our many vacationers and visitors, we wanted to create an
authentic connection between them and the people who grow the food they eat. We wanted
to promise locally grown, freshly picked fruits and vegetables, and related products - still growing
on Saturdays and served at our tables on Sunday.

The Bethany market is vibrant, friendly, interactive, educational, and enjoyable to buyers as well as
sellers. All of us are committed to making it a better experience every Sunday.

Our growers are in fact our neighbors, and we celebrate that fact. Our many visitors are cordially
invited to share in how we have made the Farm to Table movement a part of the marvellous
experience of vacationing in the Quiet Resort.